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All You Need

is Myth


The Beatles and the Gods of Rock 

Imagine Joseph Campbell writing a book on the Beatles and rock & roll, and you will have a clear understanding of the revelatory content within All You Need is Myth.

Peppered with intriguing and little-known back stories and insightful observations about the musicians who held “rock god” status during the hey-dey of Rock music, this book is far more than a history, it’s a timely philosophical conversation about ancient concepts that continue to reverberate in the modern age of mass media and global communication.

Author, Educator, Film Critic, Musician

Steve Wagner

A veteran San Francisco media personality, Steve Wagner is a member of the San Francisco Film Critic’s Circle and was co-host, writer, and executive producer of the Bay Area television programs Reel Life and Filmtrip, reviewing over 1,000 films and interviewing over 300 actors, directors, writers, and musicians. In the 1980s, he was singer and guitarist of the Backsliders, a touring rock band that performed over eight hundred shows and opened for numerous national acts. For a decade, Steve was a director of the San Francisco Art Exchange, a gallery specializing in rock & roll photography and original album cover art. He brokered sales of many of the world’s most famous album cover original artworks, including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Steve has ghostwritten or collaborated on several published books, contributed articles on music, film, and popular culture to numerous publications, and presented lectures and workshops on music, art, and mythology in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Boston. His book All You Need is Myth: The Beatles and Gods of Rock (Waterside, 2019), a study of the classic rock era through the lens of classical mythology, is the product of ten years of research and composition.

A Peek Inside


Mythology in the Twentieth Century

In many ways a product of evolving communication technology,
the rock mythology resulted from an organic process that began with Guttenberg’s invention of the printing press …

Meet the Mythic Beatles

Ironically, the Beatles were not even expected to remain
popular beyond their initial splash, however noteworthy it was
and strange that may seem in retrospect.

The Mythic Evolution of the Beatles

And yet, like the mythic gods,
John Lennon and the Beatles live on. The undiminished power of
their voices, the transcendent beauty of their music, and the timeless truth of their message lives on in the realm of pure vibration …

The Pre-Fab Mythic Archetypes of Rock & Roll

During the pivotal period of the years 1965-67, the creative
evolutions of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Bob Dylan were so
closely aligned as to essentially produce one over-arching musical
narrative …

If you want to know why the Beatles captured the heart and soul of three generations, all you need is All You Need Is Myth. This brilliant and provocative book liberates mythology from the ancient Greek and makes it accessible to the modern geek.

Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda, author of Spontaneous Evolution 

All You Need Is Myth is a dazzling array of Beatles’ lore and a reminder that the holy is not the private property of theologians or other scholars.. 

– Jonathan Young, PhD, Founding Curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives

All You Need is Myth is an extraordinary work that should be required reading for all anthropology courses, musicology curricula on  the Beatles and the decades of the 1960s and 1970s, and anyone interested in the power of myth as a cultural force. 

– Bill Gladstone, founder Waterside Productions

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