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Do You Remember the Day John Lennon Died?

For John Lennon, it is a simple fact that even in death he brought the people of the world together, expressed our humanity, and taught us how to rise above.Veteran San Francisco media personality Steve Wagner was co-host, writer, and executive producer of the Bay...

SMASH THE MIRROR: The Who and the Spirit of Rock & Roll

Two types of human relationships to Spirit were embodied by the two most creative members of the band, Pete Townshend and Keith Moon.

STEVE WAGNER talks Upcoming Appearances, and the MYTH book and movie on KSCO Radio

Author Steve Wagner talks about the All You Need is Myth book and film, and previews his June 22nd appearance at the Carmel Women's Club and the free screening of the movie at the Art Bar & Cafe on June 28th.

ALL YOU NEED IS MYTH: Exclusive Trailer + Live Appearance

  TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! All You Need is Myth authors Steve Wagner and Jade Sylvan will appear live at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, MA on February 9, 2014, the evening of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ groundbreaking appearance on The Ed Sullivan...

THE BALLAD OF YIN AND YANG : The Mythic Union of John & Yoko

"Before Yoko and I met, we were half a person. We are two halves, and together we're a whole." –John Lennon Everything we experience in our material world is realized and created through a dance with its opposite. In myth, the notion of duality is often represented by...

SGT. PEPPER’S MAGICAL MYSTERY SCHOOL: The Mythic Resurrection of the Beatles

“We're more popular than Jesus now.” --John Lennon It was in a similarly vibratory realm of sound and story where the Beatles would resurrect with far more permanence and impact than their physical performances could ever inspire. Utilizing the recording studio as an...

Note from the Author

I’ve long intuited that rock & roll inspires an often unspoken, but profound spiritual response in listeners and fans. This aspect of the story has been mostly overlooked in studies of the Beatles and their contemporaries.


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