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Their Own Kind of Hero: The Beatles, ‘The Savior’

The Beatles represented the savior, the core mono-myth, the Hero’s Journey at the heart of the 1960’s experience.

Amazing Journey: The Who, The Holy Spirit of Rock and Roll

Transcending the sense of underlying energy and the point of direct experience that is beyond the physical world, the logic of the brain, and, most frustratingly, language.

Wisdom and Truth: Joni Mitchell, The Goddess

Representing the deeper feminine qualities of inner wisdom and intuitive process, concerns of ecology and equality, possession of hidden knowledge, and emphasis on truth and integrity, attributes of countless mythic goddesses of the ancient world.

The Yin to His Yang: John and Yoko

Everything we experience in our material world is realized and created through a dance with its opposite.

What Soul is All About: Janis Joplin, The Oracle

Even more than her music, it was Janis’s seemingly possessed delivery that captivated and entranced her audience.

His Guitar was His Wand: Jimi Hendrix, The Magician

A Shaman whose playing operated outside the bounds of ordinary reality.

Making a Friend of Death: Jim Morrison

For Morrison, it is his death that ultimately makes his music transcend and his mythic role resonate.

Counter-Culture Rebel: Grace Slick, The Witch

Slick sang “White Rabbit” not as popular entertainment, but as incantation.

Our Darkest Passions: The Stones, The Devil

The Rolling Stones’ identification with the physical and not spiritual world is metaphorical of the devil’s arch relationship to the savior.

Transcendence Through Innocence: Brian Wilson, the Child

The symbols the Beach Boys share with classic paradise mythologies—perfect harmony, healing water, eternal youth, gold—are all metaphors for purity and incorruptibility.

Note from the Author

I’ve long intuited that rock & roll inspires an often unspoken, but profound spiritual response in listeners and fans. This aspect of the story has been mostly overlooked in studies of the Beatles and their contemporaries.


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